ProTube™ Transport: full sample traceability from blood collection to the clinical lab

The accuracy of clinical test results is greatly influenced by the quality of the incoming samples. Medical research states that 62% of all diagnostic errors occur during the pre-analytical phase preceding the clinical lab1, during which samples are collected, prepared and transported. As these pre-analytical steps are not visible for the receiving clinical lab, it risks processing compromised samples which may lead to inaccurate test results.

Inpeco’s ProTube™ Suite, with its smart sampling solutions ProTube™ Station for collection centers and ProTube™ Mobile for remote points of care, enables positive patient ID, flawless sample collection and “lab-ready” specimen preparation, all fully traceable. And with the recent launch of ProTube™ Transport, a specimen’s journey can now be seamlessly monitored from its source to the clinical lab, which makes every step of the pre-analytical phase fully traceable and brings the quality of the incoming samples arriving at the clinical lab to the next level.

ProTube™ Transport is an easy to use solution featuring a data logger and traceability tags compatible with *commercial racks and *transportation boxes, as well as a high-speed laboratory check-in station to optimize sample accessioning in the clinical lab. Its clever software digitally pairs specimens to a rack and its corresponding box, guaranteeing full sample transportation traceability and chain of custody through authorized transport courier identification.  Moreover, the software automatically registers all samples arriving in the lab and checks whether transportation conditions were compliant with acceptability criteria to verify sample viability.

*commercial racks and transportation boxes are not included

Key benefits:

  • Full sample transportation traceability
  • Fully integrated transport system (sample collection data)
  • Open solution > integrable with commercial racks and transportation boxes
  • Guaranteed chain of custody
  • Faster lab-turnaround time > sample accessioning optimization
  • Expected laboratory workload (incoming samples in transit / arrived)


  • Internal sample transportation
  • External sample transportation

In a nutshell, ProTube™ Transport establishes the critical link between the collection point and the laboratory. Combined with other Inpeco automation solutions, it assures end to end traceability across the whole diagnostic process, from blood collection to results, for maximum patient safety and peace of mind for laboratory managers.

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[1]  Ana-Maria Šimundić. Avoiding Titanic Errors. The Pathologist. May 2015.