ProTube on show in New Orleans

Inpeco new Positive Patient Identification/Traceability Device for hands-on demo at the American Lab Quality Conference

Inpeco is showcasing its exciting new Positive Patient Identification/Traceability Device – PROTUBE at the 10th Anniversary Lab Quality conference in New Orleans, on October 18th-19th.

The Conference provides lab administrators, managers, and quality team members’ access to a complete array of professional training in the methods of Lean, Six Sigma, process improvement, and quality management systems.

ProTube is the ideal complementary step to increase the quality of any Clinical Lab workflow, by solving one of the most critical issues that happen at point zero of the diagnostic route: the correct identification of patient, tubes and labels at the blood draw moment.

It is actually at this point that 60% of most common Lab errors originate; securing this step guarantees the quality of the consequent automated activities. ProTube ensures total reliability and complete sample traceability along all phases of blood sampling.