ProTube - First commercial installation

Inpeco announces the first commercial installation of the ProTube System inside the “Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese” and “USL 7 di Siena (P.O. Montepulciano)” facilities

In August, 15 collection points (11 in Siena and 4 in Montepulciano) have been set up. Up-to-date 6380 patients have been handled in Siena with a daily average of 110, whereas in Montepulciano 1730 patients have been processed with a daily average of 108.

The ProTube System has been received with enthusiasm by our operators and is of great help for the pre-pre analytical phase” told us Carlo Scapellato, the director of the laboratory of Siena. “The ProTube System lays the basis for a wider project focused on the complete traceability and safety of the patient care process” added Marilena Fantacci, the director of the laboratory of Montepulciano.

ProTube is the new Inpeco solution able to automate a fundamental part of the path of the sample towards the final diagnostic result: the pre-pre analytical phase. With this tool any human error is avoided, the patient is safer and the sample is traced from the very beginning.