Our Roadshow at international conferences

This fall there are many chances to meet Inpeco at Chemical Lab conferences, all around the world. Discover where and when

Yes, we are globetrotters; this fall you have the chance to meet us in many Conferences, in various continents.

We are bringing the Inpeco idea of ‘complete traceability’ of samples in 4 major tradeshows, all over the world.

In over 20 years we have extended and deepened our knowledge of the typical steps in Clinical Labs, increasing our awareness of traceability as the qualitative driver of any secure and controlled process. In all events we are showcasing ProTube, our solution for Positive Patient id at Blood Collection points, that addresses the critical patient ID/tube matching, which is a crucial phase in the process, where errors might have fatal consequences.

These are the coming events:

  • Set 12-14th: AACB in Melbourne (Australia), as Siemens guests
  • Oct 7-10th: AABB in San Diego (CA, USA)
  • Oct 16-18th : SIBIOC in Florence (Italy)
  • Nov 15-17th: LabClin in Malaga (Spain)