Meet our Testing Manager, Elisa Simoncini

International womens day female leaders - Elisa


1. What is your role in Inpeco? Why did you choose Inpeco as your employer?

In 2014, I started in Inpeco as Software Test Engineer in R&D, two years later I took on the role of Software Test Team Leader. Since October 2020 I am responsible for the whole testing area in the Software development department. I chose Inpeco at that time because I wanted to grow in a healthcare company with broad perspectives and an innovative mindset.


2. Tell me about your journey to become a leader in your field. Why did you choose this career?

When I started in Inpeco, the role was totally new to me since in my previous job I worked in a smaller reality as Field Service Engineer and Quality Manager. At the beginning, I faced quite a big challenge, because I moved from a job I knew very well to something totally new; but then I understood it was something that I appreciated a lot because I could proactively contribute to the quality improvement of our products and, indirectly, improve automated lab processes and patients’ safety.


3. What are the challenges of managing your team and how do you overcome them?

My team has various skills: the real challenge is assigning everyone to the right task and giving the right responsibilities without forcing anyone. Another very important aspect for me is having empathy: I always try to put myself in my team’s shoes and make them work in the best way and in the most comfortable environment, in order to keep them focused on their objectives.


4. How would you motivate other women to achieve the same level of success?

Do not hesitate, be confident in what you want to do, even if it is difficult or considered “not right for a woman”, follow your passion with consistency and determination.


5. What are you doing in your free time outside work?

I am a full-time mum: I have a 1,5-year-old baby boy who takes up all of my free time. I also love to travel, and I hope to get back on a plane as soon as possible!

6. The International Women’s Day 2021 theme is “ChooseToChallenge”, what does it mean to you?

For me it means “do not give up”! It is possible to be a woman, a wife, a mum and a manager at the same time. It is very important to plan your time and be determined to achieve the results in every field of your life, without neglecting anyone: it is not easy, but it is possible!

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

Thank you Elisa!