Meet our President & Head of Business Development, Americas - Maricel Roberts

International womens day female leaders - Maricel


1. What is your role in Inpeco? Why did you choose Inpeco as your employer?

My key responsibility is to promote the brand and value of Inpeco automation and ProTube™ solutions within the Americas markets and to ensure the organization is fully empowered to deliver the region’s strategic goals and objectives.

Why did I choose Inpeco as my employer?

As a former transplant nurse, the optimum donor-recipient match was confirmed through a series of blood tests and a blood collection process that required the most rigorous standards of positive patient identification and sample traceability. I aspired to work for Inpeco because of the vision of traceability that Gian Andrea Pedrazzini set as the foundation of all product innovation. Gian Andrea’s mindset of patient centered innovation is the DNA baked into all product development. It is innovation not limited just to hardware and software solutions, but holistically embraces the design of patient impact, hardware, and software solutions to exponentially elevate how healthcare is delivered to patients today.


2. Tell me about your journey to become a leader in your field? Why did you choose this career?

​​​​​​My professional background started in nursing in the clinical specialties of Open Heart/Heart Transplant, and Abdominal Transplant Surgery Intensive Care, culminating in several management roles within these fields. Following my tenure in nursing, I joined the In Vitro Diagnostics industry in 2000 in a sales consulting role, which led to progressive management positions and expanded responsibilities beyond my initial consulting role. Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to be in the company of great Mentors and Coaches along the way. I have deep gratitude of their investment in me. Their wisdom, perspective, and passion has been key to my success and career progression today.


3. What are challenges of managing your team and how do you overcome them?

Inpeco’s legacy as the global market leader in open connectivity for total lab automation and speed to innovative solutions, is the known track record over the last twenty-five years in the IVD industry. Because of this, I say, “I have all the good problems.” The most challenging aspect of my job at Inpeco is making sure our region strategy and execution have the right balance to precisely manage Inpeco’s extraordinary growth while maximizing the efforts of our newly formed (2018) direct sales, consulting, and service teams.

Hypergrowth has the potential to be a winning or losing proposition for companies. Depending on the strategy and execution, the end game could go either way. To be mindful of how we engage the America’s market, I’ve employed a five-pillar strategy designed to promote and build a strong, engaged, and cohesive team. These pillars include:

  • ensuring the vision and strategy are clear, frequently communicated via team and 1:1 meeting.
  • implementation of a strengths-based management approach to ensure the rights skills, talent, and role are fully aligned and ongoing talent development, beyond skills training, is employed routinely throughout the year, to nurture key strengths with each team member.
  • leverage recognition, reinforcement, and process improvement to sustain excellence
  • providing high value tools, processes, and support to allow our people to get the job done
  • embrace input from our team to define, measure, and refine action plans to overachieve our goals and objectives.
  • last but not least, celebrate our success and sustain a culture of learning and respect among team members.

My team and I are passionate about our roadmap and know together we won’t be intimated by the challenges we face today because we keep our “eye on the prize…” That is, when we keep the customer centered in how we do our daily work, we promote and protect Gian Andrea’s vision of the error-free total testing process for the long term business health of Inpeco and also to the benefit of the patients Inpeco’s solutions serve.


4. How would you motivate other women to achieve the same level of success?

Leadership is not about you: it’s about investing in the growth of others, it’s about making others better as a result of your presence, and if you treat others like they make a difference, they will.


5. What are you doing in your free time outside work?

I enjoy “reading” business books via the Audible app, playing the piano, Pilates, and cycling the rail to trails in Michigan with my husband. Since I live in Michigan, land of the Great Lakes, my family and I enjoy spending time “Up North” in the Traverse City area, boating, and barbeques with neighbors. We also enjoy spending time attending our kid’s sporting events and the social activities of the players and parents during tournament weekends.


6. The International Women’s Day 2021 theme is “ChooseToChallenge”, what does it mean to you?

ChooseToChallenge is the embracing of a philosophy of inclusion and belonging. Inclusion means one has been empowered to speak their voice, and belonging means, that voice has been heard.

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

Thank you Maricel!