Meet our Head of HR, Chiara Maraschi



1 . What is your role in Inpeco? Why did you choose Inpeco as your employer?

I am the Head of HR for the Inpeco Group. Two years ago, I decided to join Inpeco for several reasons: 

  • the company’s focus on innovation, and its mission to reduce human errors to contribute to people’s wellbeing. Coming from a Bio-pharmaceutical company with eight years’ experience, I became very sensitive to this topic.
  • Inpeco’s fascinating Italian history, the location of the office and the link to the territory I belong to.
  • the development plan Inpeco created for me personally to grow in my career.
  • the support I received to manage my professional and private life. Inpeco gave me the impression to be a company believing in the value of a healthy work-life balance, which I can now personally confirm.

2. Tell me about your journey to become a leader in your field. Why did you choose this career?

I think this career choose me! 😊

After I graduated, I started working in the field of training since “education and people” have always been my passion. Therefore, I decided to do a master’s degree in Training and Development to expand my skills. As soon as I graduated, I started working in a big company being responsible for some training projects. I was lucky that during my career I had bosses and met colleagues who were like mentors to me, who supported me in my career growth and from whom I learned everything I know now in HR Management.

From training and recruiting, I moved to organizational development and talent management; from a specialist contributor I moved to managerial responsibilities and then to managing people and the full HR function. From Milan I moved to Turin, then to Lucca and then to Turin again. Yes, it is a passionate journey!


3. What are challenges of managing your team and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenge I see is in developing my team in terms of skills, results and possibilities to grow, not only as a group, that should always be inclusive, but also as individuals. One key to overcome this challenge is for me the feeling of being responsible of the people the company entrusts me, to involve them and offer them the opportunity to increase their know how, to face change and new challenges, to encourage them to put their passion in their jobs every day, even when it is hard sometimes to keep up a high level of performance. Another key for me is not to be afraid of asking for advice to those who are organizational savvier than me, even if they are not part of the “HR Community”: thus, pushing me out of my comfort zone to overcome myself first.


4. How would you motivate other women to achieve the same level of success?

Passion, bravery and consistency should be the recipe!

There is always a way to reach your goals.

Be passionate: face challenges you are passionate about positively, so even if they seem difficult to pursue in the beginning you can allocate your energy best.

Be brave: get out of your comfort zone and work hard in becoming comfortable in the new scenario again. And then get out of the new comfort zone again and start from the beginning.

Be consistent: never stop learning and always look for new opportunities.

Finally, consider having always one or two fixed elements in your life. For me it means having a solid base in my family: my husband and my children. For me it is very important that they understand the meaning of my hard work and appreciate that I’m also a good person at work, not only at home. Never give up striving for having and protecting balance between your will to have success, your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people you love.


5. What are you doing in your free time outside work?

I love staying with my family or spending time with my friends. I have two sons: we “build things”, we visit (visited…) cities, we go cycling, we go walking and many other things. My husband and I teach our sons to appreciate simple things, so we take care of little maintenance works at home and we ask them to support us.

I enjoy to study and to read a good book.


6. The International Women’s Day 2021 theme is “ChooseToChallenge”, what does it mean to you?

As I said, be brave to overcome limits, choose to be brave, choose to change something. It is a challenge to change something that has always been done in a certain way. Choose to change and do not expect someone else will do it. Any choice becomes a challenge as you must constantly justify your opinion, the meaning of your efforts and your hard work, it is a challenge, you need to have passion, you need to have trust in yourself So, choose to challenge.

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

Thank you Chiara!