Insight on the Inpeco partnership with BD


Traceability and error management are keys to Inpeco’s passion with innovations in the total testing process. As Head of Global Business Development, Andrea Mauri, captures why the new collaboration with Becton Dickinson, will be key to promoting the total testing process and advancing healthcare today. 

Inpeco Group has recently announced the signature of a distribution agreement with BD (Becton, Dickinson, and Company) for its ProTube™ suite, the smart solution for full traceability at the collection point of patient blood samples for clinical laboratory testing. Inpeco is very eager to start working with BD and have the chance to introduce ProTube™ to a broader audience of clinical labs. We asked Andrea Mauri, Head of Global Business Development at Inpeco, some more insight into this decision.

Why is BD an ideal distribution partner for ProTube™, and how did everything start?

BD is the World leader in Sample Management Solutions including Medical Devices (tubes, needles, …) as well as Services (Clinical knowledge, Education and Consulting) with more than 100 years of experience in this field. BD has always been distinguished as a very innovative company, having introduced to the market several products that have become today’s standards all over the world.

At some point we realized that both companies were sharing the same vision, with a strong focus and priority of quality in the preanalytical phase of laboratory medicine. From that moment, we engaged in more frequent discussions and, in the end, it was very clear we needed to combine efforts which has resulted in this very exciting partnership.

What do you think makes ProTube™ unique in the market?

ProTube is a unique solution in the market today for some reasons: it is a powerful and modular platform for safely guiding the phlebotomist along the draw process; it enables a quality results verification process and, coupled with the Analytix platform, it offers full process visibility and control. Last but not least, it is also the only solution today that can close the information gap between the extra- and internal lab phases, thus bridging this gap and ensuring the continuity within the Total Testing Process, from clinician order to test results.

What is the deployment plan among the European countries?

We will start in Italy, where we have a few projects where we have worked together, providing a single solution for the customer – the Molinette Project is a very good example of complete portfolio integration in a Service model.

Gradually we will expand to other countries within the EU soon after we analyze the different regional user needs between markets and decide on the best strategy for each one of them.

What are the key challenges in making ProTube™ successful in Europe?

The partnership calls for the involvement of BD in the Clinical and Commercial aspects while Inpeco supports the Service and Support tasks. Both companies will bring to this partnership the best of what each may offer. As partners, we are ready to embrace the challenges of combining collaborative efforts to explore market opportunities and quickly and effectively deliver the solutions to the end customers.

What do you expect from the Inpeco BD partnership?

We truly believe BD is the right partner to deliver this joint vision in reducing errors and increasing the quality, safety and efficiency in the Preanalytical process (before the lab). Our expectation is that BD will support the partnership with their Clinical Knowledge and extensive Market coverage, integrating ProTube in a combined global offering for advanced Services and Solutions. Our definition of success is, as we advance a higher standard of patient care together, the strength of this partnership will be a positive impact to improve healthcare delivery on a Worldwide basis.