Inpeco’s interconnected automation as IoT case study

Cisco and VEM have selected Inpeco Industry 4.0 case as a concrete application of Internet of Things in a manufacturing unit

Inpeco has been selected as one of the testimonials for the opening conference organized by Cisco, during the Italian main Automation tradeshow - SPS IPC Drives - focused on Industry 4.0. The event took place in Parma, on May 24th 2016 and was crowded with advanced professionals in the IT/Automation area. As opening ceremony, Cisco hosted an event about the Internet of Everything (IoT), dealing with digital manufacturing.

Our colleague Francesco Ciuccarelli was asked to deliver a speech, bringing Inpeco's experience with interconnected automations, designed and developed with Cisco and VEM Sistemi support. He presented the project for remote monitoring of Inpeco automation units, installed all over the world, according to a wider concept of Remote Managed Services.