Inpeco HR – how we are building our future

Recruiting, talent management and remote working during a phase of rapid growth


Inpeco is a family-run company that has been growing rapidly in recent years. When it was founded in 1990 by Gian Andrea Pedrazzini, Inpeco had only 3 employees, but it has grown constantly over the years to more than 700 employees located at various sites. Recruiting enough people to keep up with the hectic pace of the growing business was a real challenge.

Tiziana Minucci, the Group’s Recruiting Manager, provides us with insights on how the HR team lived up to this task. 

1. Hello Tiziana, could you tell us how you think the role of the employer has changed in the last 5 or 10 years?

Inpeco’s HR department is only 5 years old, but despite this, the company has always believed in the value of people and the importance of ensuring that everyone contributes actively to our organization’s success. We have a mission to continue in this direction and support our employees’ growth and development:

  1. Implement our corporate values in our guidelines, policies, and tools for human resources management
  2. Ensure recruitment and internal development of skills for the company’s growth
  3. Contribute to the management of internal relations and the business climate
  4. Enhance our corporate image on the internal loyalty and the external labor market (attractiveness)

2. How Inpeco attracts the best talents and how do you keep them? 

We attract the best talents in a number of different ways:

  • Investing time and resources in the induction phase, with a structured training and onboarding plan.
  • Creating opportunities for internal career growth with "job postings reserved for employees only".
  • Job rotation for a number of key roles.
  • Investing in cross-training, both internal and external, encouraging participation in conferences and seminars.
  • Having an annual performance appraisal procedure, with performance appraisal and an annual salary review.
  • Investing in young people through contact with universities and high schools, proposing internships or theses.

Candidates choose Inpeco because they want to be part of a project, and they see a capacity for self-realization in Inpeco because we operate in the healthcare industry, where the human component can make a real difference. Our goal is to reduce human error in the diagnostic process and thus contribute to patients' health.

3. Could you tell us about a recent HR initiative that has really been appreciated by Inpeco employees?

Two years ago we progressively began implementing remote working, and this gave us an advantage during the COVID emergency; plus our employees really appreciated it. We held a contest to name to robot working in the warehouse: the initiative registered great participation and the award for the 4 winners will be a trip to a European clinical lab featuring Inpeco automation! In response to the health emergency, we have implemented a series of initiatives permitting a safe return to the office for all employees and a bonus for the workers who worked during the lockdown.

4. What is the most difficult job search you have done so far? And why?

The whole recruiting team is convinced that there are no difficult recruitments, but times are changing, and recruiting must keep up with the times, too. It is partly the candidate that chooses the company, and not only the company that chooses the candidate, especially in technical positions (SW, design, ICT, services), so the difficulty is to try to be attractive to the new generations while maintaining transparency and sticking to reality. We must be supported by new technologies, constantly questioning the way we recruit in order to reach the new generations in a clearer and more direct way. In 2020, the HR function invested heavily in the digitization of the processes we manage: we have implemented a new tool (HRM) to manage time and attendance, salary reviews, performance appraisal, travel, and expense reports; we will be implementing a new ATS for training and recruiting, and we already have a tool dedicated to this process since 2019.

5. And, last but not least… why do you enjoy working at Inpeco?

I love working at Inpeco because everyone has the opportunity to make his or her own ideas reality. In addition, there is an excellent working environment; we are all very familiar and confident with each other, and even with Top Management; there is no sense of false formality. Finally, we still have a lot to do in HR to support our employees and the business.

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