Hologic’s Panther® Molecular Testing analyzer can now be connected to Inpeco’s FlexLab™ automation system, to improve your lab’s flexibility, capacity and walkaway time.

Inpeco, the global leader in open-system laboratory automation, is enlarging its portfolio of over 50 “automation ready” analyzers from 25 IVD manufacturers covering a new specialty: Molecular Testing, thanks to Hologic’s Panther® system, a scalable and modular analyzer.

The Hologic Panther solution gives your lab the capability to consolidate menu on a fully automated system, load samples in any order at any time and eliminate batch constraints, thereby decreasing turnaround time.


The Hologic Panther is used in diagnostics laboratories all over the world, and it performs tests for sexually transmitted infections, women health, respiratory infections (including SARS-CoV-2) and viral load monitoring for HIV-1, as well as hepatitis B and C, providing an economical and scalable path to your lab’s growth today and into the future.

The Hologic Panther interface has been designed as a Pick & Place (P&P) robot solution and it is available for FlexlabTM and FlexLabTM HT system integrating Molecular Diagnostics with Chemistry applications.

Thanks to Hologic/Inpeco connection, labs are able to increase molecular testing volume, while reducing labor, errors and turnaround time and taking advantage of LAS and LIS system integration.